Rainy Day Bears Harriet

Rainy Day Bears Harriet
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"Harriet" Hanging Rainy Day Bear is 16 1/2" high

Harriet hangs over a fence, railing or flower pot, or can just sit there for your enjoyment.

Each bear is hand carved out of Cedar from the Northwest. This means that your bear will have its own character and personality. No two are ever exactly the same. The smile may vary a bit, the shape of the nose may be slightly different or the texture of the wood might differ from bear to bear. This is simply a part of the creation process and the reason that Rainy Day Bears has been so successful.

Each carving is an expression of love and character, and just like us, no two are ever exactly the same. We cannot guarantee that the carving you receive will be identical to the one in the picture. One thing we do guarantee is that you will be happy.

Each one of our carvings has been finished to the highest standards. After being hand carved, they have undergone a 7 step process to protect the quality of your carving. The end result is a high quality finish which enables it to decorate the inside or outside of your house.

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